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Injuries to Children

At BRE Law, we're parents, too, and we take special pride in our ability to handle cases on behalf of injured children.

Child-Friendly Approach

Lawsuits are difficult and confusing for adults. An injured child does not need to be exposed to additional trauma because of a lawsuit. We will focus on handling your child's claim in a way that minimizes the impact it has on their life while maximizing the outcome.

Protecting Kids

When your child has been injured you need a personal injury attorney who understands the special legal considerations that come along with representing a minor. Claims for children are not the same as claims for adults. Even simple things like claiming recovery for past medical bills needs some care because payment of medical bills is an obligation of the parent and not the child.

Our young son was injured at daycare and they put us at ease with the entire process as we worked through his recovery and settlement.

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Looking to the Future

We know you want to protect your child now and into the future. We'll make sure that when we do get a favorable settlement or verdict that your child's money is protected for them until they are an adult. We take pride in representing children and turning a bad experience into something that will provide some degree of financial security in the future.

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